Veloretti x ADE

We’re counting down the days until it’s finally the 19th of October, we can’t wait for this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event to begin. We’re ecstatic to announce that once again we joined forces with ADE and got to design and manufacture this year’s limited edition ADE X VELORETTI CLUBRACER series.



People from all over the world will show up to get a taste of all that the electronic music culture has to offer. There will be an infinite number of events you can attend, ranging from art exhibitions and masterclasses to music talks and concerts.

You’ll get the chance to listen to your favourite artist, spot new talents, discuss the latest music gear and software and have your mind blown away by various documentaries. Simply put there’s no doubt you’ll be inspired by all that ADE has to offer.

ADE has got more than a hundred locations which are spread out all over Amsterdam. There will be so much to take in and you’ll only have five days to do so. What could possibly get you from A to B as quick as possible? Yes you guessed it, that my friend is where we come into the picture.