Lotte Manou

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am Lotte Manou van Wely a 23 year old creative that makes photos, websites and helps people with their on- and offline identity. On Instagram (lottemanou.nlI share my thoughts on how I see the world. You can describe my style as clean, light and pure.  

How does an ideal sunny day look like for you?

After waking up I like to make an Acai bowl and go for a run on the beach. Then I grab my bike and start my day at cafe Madeleine drinking coffee with my dad in the sun. Afterwards I ride my bike downtown and visit a bookshop by myself and perhaps buy a psychology book. Then I head for the beach again and say hi to my brother who works at the surfing school ‘The Shore’ in Scheveningen. It is the perfect place to surf, relax and eat pancakes. I often chill there for a couple of hours. For diner I love to barbecue with my family. At sunset I meet my friends at the city center or at the beach again and maybe dance at a party at a beach club. That sounds like a perfect day to me!

What’s you’re favorite song to listen to while riding your bike?

All the songs of Nick Mulvey and India Arie. Can’t wait to see Nick Mulvey live!

How does your Veloretti bike fit your personality? 

I like white, clean and minimal. 

What do you do or where do you like to go when you want to clear your mind and escape from the buzz of the city?

Certainly to the beach! I live in The Hague which is very close to the beach, it's only 5 minutes with my bike. I try to go there at least once a week and sometimes when I go running, I will go almost every day to the beach! It is the perfect place to clear your mind.

Lotte rides a 3-speed Caféracer in Pebble Grey, you can shop this one here