Veloretti Assembly







Step 1 - Remove from box
Start by carefully taking the bike out of the box and removing the package material. In the box you’ll find the additional accessories and a small box containing the needed allen keys.

Step 2 - Mount kickstand 
Use allen key 8

Step 3 - Front fork + fender
Before you attach the fender make sure the front fork is placed in the correct position. 

If you ordered additional accessories such as the hand brake, Veloretti front carrier or porteur carrier please take a look at our accessories videos on your right and install them before you continue with the following steps. 

Next attach the fender onto the front fork. Make sure you place the fender bracket at the back of the front fork. Use allen key 5 and wrench 15.

Step 4 and 5 - Fender rods + front wheel
Use allen key 5 and wrench 10.

Step 6 - Insert & adjust handlebar stem 
Use allen key 6.

Step 7 - Raise saddle to proper height
Use allen key 5.

Step 8 - Instal pedals
Each pedal is marked ‘L’ of ‘R’ on the end face of each pedal spindle. The right pedal (R) goes on the right side of the bike, the side with the chain. The left pedal on the left side of the bike. Make sure that the pedal is exactly perpendicular, at a 90º angle to the crank arm.

And that's it, congratulations! You’re ready to take your first ride on your new Veloretti bike.



AXA - Solid frame lock
How to mount a bicycle lock

AXA - Led front light
How to install a headlight

Front brake
How to install a handbrake

Porteur carrier
How to install a porteur carrier

Front carrier
How to install a front carrier



Pump it up
Pump up your tires to the amount of pressure that you like best. Use the valve adapter that is placed on one of the tires and make sure that you unscrew the small nut inside the valve a little to permit airflow. After the tire is inflated tighten the small nut again and use the valve adapter to pump up the other tire. For video instructions, click here.

Final check
Make sure that the bolts surrounding the front wheel and the pedals are securely tightened.

Lubricate your chain regularly in order to keep the chain in a proper condition and to avoid wear and tear.

Have any questions? Contact us
We tried to explain the entire assembly process as clear as possible. However, if you're stuck or have a problem, please send us an email describing the problem and include a photo if possible.

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