CAR-2-BIKE Veloretti

Despite the Parisian Mayor's best efforts to reduce the number of cars, traffic still chokes the streets of Paris and holds the city back.

With European Mobility Week coming, Veloretti, an Amsterdam bike manufacturer, saw an opportunity to push Paris forward, nudging every Parisian driver to ditch their car... for a bike.

CAR-2-BIKE, a promo campaign where we turned 5 million Parisian license plates into 5 million promo codes, granting all car owners a discount for a bike, and the perfect excuse to become a cyclist.



All they had to do was​ ​go on ​,​add their bike to the cart and type​ ​their plate number in the promo code box. Easy.



Connecting with the French license plates database, we developed a Shopify script then able to verify the entered number, and analyze specific data about the registered vehicle — model, year of manufacture, type of fuel.



This way we could estimate each car’s CO2 emissions, and adjust the discount accordingly. The more your car pollutes, the lower the price, making the switch to clean commuting even easier for those who needed it the most.