On the road with Emiel


Emiel Gerardu is owner and founder of the new peanut butter brand NUTORIOUS, one that will change the peanut butter game as you know it. Fun fact, he rides around Amsterdam delivering his delicious products on a Veloretti.

“Finding something you care about, challenges you and gives you joy at the same time is worth the risk. Go for it!” 


Describe the path that led to you setting up NUTORIOUS?

I’ve been working ever since I was 19. I started in the fashion industry, but after a while I found myself longing for a new adventure. That’s when I sold my car and took all my savings and set off to explore South America for 6 months. I got to see breathtaking places and experience total freedom. When I got back from paradise I started to work for Scotch and Soda and opened their first store in Eindhoven. I poured a lot of my heart and soul into that, but after a few years it was time for a new chapter. That’s when I got in touch with Marie-Stella-Maris and started working for them. There I found new ways to develop my skills and drive.

After twelve years of working my ass off (trust me I loved it), I did start questioning myself if this was really the life I wanted to live. I started fantasizing about what it would be like to have my own business. Since I’m somewhat of an entrepreneurial person and like to take risks, I decided to take a leap of faith, I quit my job at Marie-Stella-Maris and started working on my own project now known as the peanut butter brand NUTORIOUS.

So why of all things would I start a new peanut butter brand you might ask? Well, peanut butter has been my all-time-favorite breakfast spread since I was little. But when you think of peanut butter you don’t think fun, funky, cool? And that’s my point. It is quite simple; I want to change the way people view and experience peanut butter. With Nutorious, I want to stir up the peanut butter market with different flavors, unique branding and ultimately I want to put a smile on peoples faces. Just take a look at Tony Chocolonely and their chocolate bars and Marie-Stella-Maris with their mineral water. For the past 1.5 years I’ve been busy working on branding my business, making and producing three different flavors, expanding my network and successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign for my new business. And now I am doing it. Hard work, but at the same time the most satisfying thing I’ve done so far.

How did you come up with the flavours you have now?

I‘m continuously experimenting with new ingredients I think would go together with peanut butter brilliantly. Such as honey, cinnamon, ginger and white pepper to name a few. One of my flavors is sambal which I guarantee you adds spice to the ordinary peanut butter experience. One thing I do find crucial is that all ingredients I use are Bio certified and that no refined sugar or palm oil is added to the ingredients used in my products.

Expanding my peanut butter empire, searching for ideal spots to sell my products is something that I’ve been busy with a lot. Finding a store/boutique that shares my vision, get’s my product and matches with the unique brand image is something I want to convey.

Why a Veloretti bike?

I knew that I would use the bike for work, so I wanted a bike that represents my business in an energetic and stylish way. Another important factor was that I needed a sturdy bike, because let’s not forget I need to transport a lot of peanut butter jars around the city. That’s how I ended up choosing your lightweight city bike, now I fly through Amsterdam delivering my NUTORIOUS jars.

I always bring my … because …

My sunglasses, they have a permanent spot in my left pocket all year round. My go to brand for sunglasses is definitely Ace & Tate. Since they started I’ve been a big fan of their approachable design. But I also enjoy supporting the ‘local heroes’ and owning something that is designed by people in the neighborhood.

If you needed to choose a song to listen to whilst delivering your orders, what song would it be?

It depends on the mood I’m in, but let me check my phone. Lately I’m really into Drake, but who isn’t. I must admit I like a lot of different genres, but hip-hop and R&B I could listen to all day if need be. There’s no specific song that comes to mind right now, but album wise I’d pick Malibu from Anderson Paak.

Describe Veloretti in a few words…

Young and energetic for sure, I like the ballsy statement on the box the bicycle is delivered in. I like that the colors in your collection change frequently, but also I am a sucker for the classic matt-black you offer lately. By doing so you guys put your own stamp on the bike market and keep it refreshing. To me Veloretti sells more than just a bike; you focus on combining quality with lifestyle, look and feel, which separates you from other bike brands. Everyday I’m excited about hitting the streets with my black race monster.